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POLISHING MACHINE X7 Floor Grinding Machine

1. Adopt 380V Frequency-converting speed control, gear box and motor were made of aluminum.

2. 2 grade planet box, automatic pressure adjust system, the efficiency can be increased by 3 time.

3. Automatic level adjust system ensure good smoothness and stable operation.

4. Collapsible handgrip, separable design, convenient to handle.

5. It can equip with vacuum equipment to achieve dry and wet working mode.

Model X6 X7C
Oparating width 550mm 550mm
Grinding disc 230mm x 3 230mm x 3
Rotating speed 300-1600rpm 300-1600rpm
HP 5.5HP 7.5HP
Voltage 220V-240V 380V-440V
Weight 230Kg 230Kg